Te Puna Reo Māori for Schools

Sign up to our Te Puna Reo Māori programme for schools. We scaffold school staff, students and whānau in your learning community to reach three hours of te reo Māori content per week over a two year journey with Level One and provide higher levels of learning as you progress. Transform your kura by positioning te ao Māori at the centre, instead of around the edges of what you do. Enact Te Tiriti o Waitangi on a daily basis. Empower all your learners to have confidence and daily interactions in te reo Māori. Our Daily Tikanga and weekly lessons for ākonga, kaimahi and whānau supercharge te ao Māori in your kura! Our fee of $12 + GST per year includes access to all aspects of our programme. The cost is pro-rata for kura joining part way through the year. Let us know if your whole Kāhui Ako or Community of Learning want to sign up together so we can give you a special bulk discount. Come join our online learning whānau to transform te reo Māori in your school!

Position te ao Māori at the centre of your school today! Complete the details for your school using the form below to join our Te Puna Reo Māori programme.

Make sure you’ve got the all the details needed for this form including the email, phone and names of your Principal, Programme Leader (sometimes this will be your Principal in a smaller school) and your accounts person. You’ll also need your July 2023 roll return to enrol the correct number of students into our transformational te ao Māori programme.

Te Puna Reo Māori Sign Up Form (#31)