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Waiata are an essential part of tikanga and te ao Māori. Growing your te reo Māori starts with learning one waiata at a time. Our THREE WAIATA mini course takes you through three essential waiata line by line, waiata by waiata as you build up your skills with our low and slow learning style. Learn, use and share your te reo Māori with whānau and friends by practising your waiata as you grow. You can use these simple waiata in most situations in your everyday life whether at home, work, school or out in the community.

It takes time to learn so work through our MINI COURSES at your own pace and place, without assignments or pressure! Unpacking our whakamā (anxiety) around learning te reo Māori is a big deal for many of us, so take your time in your safe space to learn. Growing te reo Māori together is fun, relaxing and empowering!

When you’re ready for more learning, join our MINI COURSES PROGRAMME to keep growing your te reo Māori! We release at least two courses each month. Access all our MINI COURSES with a low cost and low pressure monthly or annual subscription!


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